Author: Philippe Safire Studio


Artist Statement

My generation has witnessed the rise of the Digital Age, the emergence of the Internet, personal devices, screens, software and games. I see this as an opportunity to experiment with new ways of making art, an irresistible medium in which to merge the real and the imaginary. My work explores the presence of the digital

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STEAM3 Exhibition

We are pleased to be part of the upcoming exhibition STEAM3—curated by Derek Woodgate—that will be held at Centennial Hall, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Sun Child, a computer film (Duration 12:00 minutes) will be installed in the Interactive Storytelling section. Read more >

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Inspiration, Studio, Thoughts

Studio Work

Our latest art installations combine an animation projected onto a sculpture. This creative approach led us to explore the concept of “projection” in psychological terms. The Rorschach test serves as a visual inspiration of this phenomena. Play the video >

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New Publication

A new publication featuring Philippe Safire’s work has been released. Written by Anaïs Bernard and Bernard Andrieu, the book entitled Manifeste des arts immersifs examines audience engagement with Multimedia Art. Learn More >

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