« Like many, I have witnessed the emergence of the Internet, personal computers, games and virtual reality. I see this unique moment as an inspiration and an opportunity to experiment with new ways of making art.

My work explores the transition to the Digital Age. I create interactive installations, websites, apps, lenticular prints and sculptures—designed with plexiglass and wood. For each piece I incorporate an animation—designed with colored pixels—that serves to illuminate screens or three dimensional objects. As a result, my ideas intersect the digital and physical realms.

Growing up abroad in a French-Armenian family, I experienced a cultural shift in moving to New York City. The pace of the city accelerates one’s exposure to information and technology—from artificial intelligence to large LED billboards. Living in these surroundings, I seek to translate our fascination for the digital and its power to disrupt our society and culture. My body of work includes pixelated human silhouettes, messages erased by glitches, or sculptures shattered by vivid projections.

I situate my work as part of New Media Art. I invite a multicultural audience to participate in shared interactive experiences as a way to make sense of our new surroundings. As the digital transcends numerous boundaries, I am driven by its potential to transform the art world and engage new audiences. »

Philippe Safire