May 1, 2018By Philippe Safire StudioWebsite

An ephemeral art piece experienced for 1 year only on Each night a new image was revealed between 05.01.18 and 04.30.2019. Read more > Read more >

New Publication

October 2, 2014By Philippe Safire StudioBibliography

A new publication featuring Philippe Safire’s work has been released. Written by Anaïs Bernard and Bernard Andrieu, the book entitled Manifeste des arts immersifs examines audience engagement with Multimedia Art. Learn More >

Studio Work

September 15, 2014By Philippe Safire StudioStudio

We have been working on a new sculpture representing a human skull. The piece is entitled Vanitas and alludes to the famous tradition within European art, in which the viewer is confronted by his own mortality. Play the video >