A Digital Age Tragedy

Written and designed by Philippe Safire

Animated short film
6:42 min

SPELL is an animated short film written and designed by Philippe Safire. The story takes place in Digital City, against the vivid backdrop of pixelated silhouettes and rapidly pulsating messages. The city’s accelerated pace exposes people to screens, glitches, data, and artificial intelligence. Suddenly, this socially and technologically advanced society faces a historic crisis. Between mystery and drama, SPELL captures our fascination with the digital and its power to disrupt communities and cultures.


– Short to the Point (Romania): Official Selection & Nominee for Best Short Thriller / Mystery
– Rome International Movie Awards (Italy): Winner of Best TV / Web Series
– VIFF Varese International Film Festival (Italy): Official Selection & Winner for Best Animation Project
– Paris Film Festival (France): Official Selection & Nominee for Best Experimental Film
– Sweden Film Awards (Sweden): Finalist
– Short Shot Fest (Russia): Official Selection
– Film Maudit 2.0 (United States): Official Selection
– International Film Festival of Larissa (Greece): Official Selection
– Tagore International Film Festival (India): Official Selection & Outstanding Achievement Award
– International World Film Awards (Slovakia): Official Selection
– Balkan Can Kino, International Film Festival (Greece): Official Selection
– 10th Cairo Video Festival by Medrar (Egypt): Official Selection
– SHIFT Film Festival (Netherlands): Official Selection
– Robotic Online Short Film Festival (Spain): Official Selection & 2nd Prize
– Kolkata International Micro Film Festival – imffkolkata (India): Official Selection & Winner
– Cinema and YOU (Ukraine): Official Selection & Finalist
– Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata FestiFreak (Argentina): Official Selection
– Snowtown Film Festival (United States): Finalist
– TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest (Italy): Official Selection & Finalist
– XVII Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground (Argentina): Official Selection
– Screener Short Films (United Kingdom): Official Selection
– Esto Es Para Esto International Film Festival (Mexico): Official Selection
– Athens ANIMFEST (Greece): Official Selection
– EMMEDIA PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival (Canada): Official Selection
– Sunday Shorts Film Festival (United Kingdom): Quarter-Finalist
– BITBANG International Animation, Videogames and Digital Art Festival (Argentina): Official Selection