Endless stories…
Animation, video projection, plexiglass, fabric
68 x 118 x 1/4 in (172.7 x 299.7 x 0.6 cm)

Endless stories… consists of an assemblage of colored pixels, each containing text, images, or videos. The artist alludes to a universal text by integrating latin, cyrillic, chinese, japanese, arabic and sanskrit characters. The piece is composed of 4 distinct parts in which Safire evokes different reading customs: left to right, up and down, right to left, down and up. Lines progressively appear, then disappear, leaving their place to new elements. Philippe Safire speaks to the saturation of images in the Information Age, and also to their hypnotic and seductive properties. The human brain is solicited from everywhere, but can never truly be receptive to the totality of messages contained in this infinite flux of information. Instead, the viewer finds herself only able to anticipate the next story.