Create 2019 Depth and tracking camera, multi-touch computer, custom application, C++, wood stand Dimensions variable Create is an interactive application displayed on a large multi-touch computer. If the viewer puts her hand on the screen, an animation—made with colored pixels—will appear suddenly all around the fingers and palm. Once the hand is removed, the stencil … Read More 2018 Website HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, PNG images Dimensions variable An ephemeral art piece experienced for one year only on the website Philippe Safire utilizes the internet browser for this yearlong project so that the work can be experienced by anyone. Between 05.01.18 to 04.30.2019, each night a new image of increasing complexity was … Read More


Text 2018 Animation, text message Dimensions variable Text is an animation that was sent by the artist to one person through an instant messaging service. The piece includes a message that reads « I Love You » surrounded by sparkling pixels. Philippe Safire captures the ephemeral moment when the artwork was experienced—when his partner received … Read More