Create 2019 Depth and tracking camera, multi-touch computer, custom application, C++, wood stand Dimensions variable Create is an interactive application displayed on a large multi-touch computer. If the viewer puts her hand on the screen, an animation—made with colored pixels—will appear suddenly all around the fingers and palm. Once the hand is removed, the stencil … Read More

Endless stories…

Endless stories… 2010-2014 Animation, video projection, plexiglass, fabric 68 x 118 x 1/4 in (172.7 x 299.7 x 0.6 cm) Endless stories… consists of an assemblage of colored pixels, each containing text, images, or videos. The artist alludes to a universal text by integrating latin, cyrillic, chinese, japanese, arabic and sanskrit characters. The piece is … Read More


Avatar 2019 Animation, print, plexiglass, wood 23 3/8 x 19 1/2 in (59.4 x 49.8 cm) Unique edition Avatar combines a black and white photograph and an animation. In the upper right corner, a large chunk of the print is missing including the frame. Along its pixelated edges, a projection sparkles with vivid pixels, filling … Read More