Artist Statement

My generation has witnessed the rise of the Digital Age, the emergence of the Internet, personal devices, screens, software and games. I see this as an opportunity to experiment with new ways of making art, an irresistible medium in which to merge the real and the imaginary.

My work explores the presence of the digital in our lives. I create art installations which combine animation projected onto sculptures—designed with acrylic, vinyl, or styrene.

Inspired by early civilizations, I am drawn to art that foregrounds the simplicity of form. Incorporating the now-familiar language of pixels, I design pieces according to reductive principles. For each sculpture, I compose an animation—constructed with squares and often type—that serves to illuminate the material within the exhibition space. As a result, my art installations occupy a realm between the digital and the physical.

New York City multiplies one’s exposure to information and technology. Living in these surroundings, I translate everyday interactions with the digital into visual art experiences—by questioning how the Digital Age affects our heritage and culture. I explore our euphoria for the digital, as well as its power to efface the human presence.

I consider the pixel to be an aesthetic representing a way of seeing the world that was simply not possible prior to the Digital Revolution. As the digital transcends numerous boundaries, I am driven by its potential to change the art world and engage different audiences.

Embracing New Media Art, while prizing authenticity, I create work that speaks to our shared digital encounters—with all its energy, optimism, and inherent contradictions.

Philippe Safire